Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy

I've been busy this weekend...on the computer, that is. I've set up not one, but two new blogs with different purposes.

The two new blogs I've created are going to be co-hosted by Cheryl, my friend and business partner, and me.

When I'm 64
is about issues of aging. Cheryl and I have been in the retirement industry for over 45 years combined and we have some pretty great stories from those years. I'd love to hear stories you know of, too. We hope to make it an open forum type of blog. Some are hilarious, others poignant.

Vann has been encouraging me to get a blog for our Bed and Breakfast, Journey's Inn, too. So, check out Escape the Ordinary. It is ramblings about the fun and challenges we have with that.


Anne said...

Been thinking about you and wanted to check was your weekend?

Susan said...

The weekend was good. I got to thinking...

Since you're my daughter Ann(ie), your name should be Dannie. Since I'm your Mom, Suzie, I should be Muzie. Dannie is way cuter than Muzie. ha!