Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mean as Spit!

At the Towers we had a little (literally - she was about 4'7" tall) lady who lived with us. She was so cute, but man, she was mean as spit!! I'll call her Mattie.

This little character reminds me of her.

I remember one time she had come in my office and was about to leave. She asked me to lean over to her (like she wanted to tell me a secret.) Well, silly me, did as she asked. You're never going to believe what Mattie did! She nibbled my ear, yes sir! Honest to goodness. When I drew back I asked her what she did that for. She said it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Did I mention I dealt with a lot of mentally ill folks? (Like you hadn't already figured that out.)

I remember another time we were getting new carpet on the first floor. Notices and reminders had gone to all the residents that they wouldn't be able to use that area for several hours. This particular hallway was on the way to the laundry room so they understood they couldn't use the laundry room for those hours either.

Well, Mattie came downstairs during that appointed time with her laundry and all of all her "little clothes" and started to step over the big roll of new carpet and into the gloppy, gooey glue when I called out to her, "Mattie, DON'T! There's glue! You can't use the laundry room now!"

Mattie looked at me and harumphed and stepped over the roll of carpet...sliding on the glue and fell down (I kid you not) FACE FIRST! I wanted so badly to guffaw at her. She pulled her little 4'7" frame up and was covered from head to toe with brown sticky glue.

But, you know what I was thinking. Serves you right... :)

Sometimes justice is just so sweet...


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Suzanne said...

Working with middle school special ed. kids, I know what you mean and I'm sure they'll be giving me plenty of material to write about here in a few weeks. Gotta love 'em!